Theory of Karma - Chapter 1


Happiness is the result of good deeds and miseries are the result of bad deeds and for enjoying happiness or suffering miseries you must have a body. Body is the only
instrument through which you can enjoy happiness and for having a body you must go into the womb of a mother and take birth. After enjoying or suffering and exhausting the fruits of happiness or unhappiness (Prarabdha) in your present birth, you have to immediately leave your body, that means meet death and go again into the womb of another mother for getting a new body by taking a new birth for enjoying new Prarabdha Karmas which are the ripened and matured fruits of your Kriyaman and Sanchit Karmas ready to give you happiness or unhappiness according to your good or bad actions of your past births. Thus the procedure of getting a new body called birth and leaving the old body called death is inexorably and repeatedly
repeated in the beginning of every birth and at the end of every death. And this cycle of birth and death is going on unabatedly, eternally and endlessly and hence there appears no scope or hope for getting MOKSHA i.e. Iiberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Coming into the womb of a mother for taking birth is the most torturous punishment where we are confined in a very small dark and dirty room (womb) for almost nine
months suffering a rigorous imprisonment. Leaving the body at the end i.e. meeting death is also a very treacherous situation. Our actions, both good and bad, are responsible for our bondage and we are pulverized in the cycle of birth and death. That means, every action either good or bad is a bondage. Of course, good deeds bind us with a smaoth golden chain in a golden cage by giving us happiness while
bad deeds bind us with a rough iron chain in an iron cage by giving us miseries in life. But in any case, either in a golden. cage or in an iron cage, bondage is a bondage
and it does not allow us to be free to acquire MOKSHA i.e. Iiberation from the cycle of birth and death.

So long as a single Kriyaman, Sanchit or Prarabdha Karma is pending and Iying in balance in your account, you are bound to take births. Unfortunately, instead of
reducing our Sanchit and Prarabdha Karmas during lifetime in one birth, we, on the contrary, create many more new Kriyaman Karmas which are further added increasing the stock of our Sanchit Karmas which are subsequently ripened and matured in due course of time and come before us as Prarabdha in subsequent birth or births which we are bound to exhaust by taking many more new births endlessly stretching ad infinitum. Thus this vicious circle would never allow us to be free and secure Moksha which is the ultimate goal of human life.