Theory of Karma - Chapter 26


Animals, birds, beasts etc. in their births lower than human beings, only enjoy their Prarabdha which are the ripened fruits of the Kriyaman and Sanchit Karmas of their
past births and they leave their body immediately after their Prarabdha Karmas are exhausted. They are called Bhog Yonis.

Their present actions are initiated and propelled only by instincts and intuitions and they are controlled by nature which does not allow them to perform any new Kriyaman Karma which would be added to their Sanchit Karmas for their subsequent births.

If a dog or a snake bites a person causing his death, it cannot be prosecuted for murder in a criminal court. It is the Prarabdha of that person which propelled the dog
or snake by intuition to bite him and make him meet with such a destined death. This does not amount to be a new Kriyaman Karma to be added as a Sanchit Karma in the
account of that dog or snake.

A donkey kicks somebody just to defend himself against some danger suspected by him as he has no other weapon to defend himself. And in his so doing (kicking) if somebody is injured, the donkey would be beaten and punished there and then, but he cannot be prosecuted in a criminal court. Civil and criminal laws and penal codes of courts are applicable only to human beings and not to animals, birds etc. who are lower than human beings.

If cows or buffaloes etc. enter into a field and damage the crops, their owners are liable for punishment or compensation under the Cattle Trespass Act and not the
animals who actually trespassed. At the most they can be beaten there and then and thus they suffer the fruits of their present Karmas and thereafter they are not again
added in their Sanchit Karmas for their subsequent births.

Dev Yoni, super human births are also Bhog Yonis. They only enjoy pleasures in the paradise being the matured ripened fruits (Prarabdha) of their pious Sanchit Karmas accumulated in their past births. But then when they are completely exhausted immediately they again return to human bodies.