Theory of Karma - Chapter 30


Generally, people at large performing any action, any job or business etc. do expect and desire to have some reward or fruit of it and that is but natural and there is nothing wrong with it also. Nobody would like to work totally without any sort of expectation of any reward or fruit of it. Only the rascals, rogues, thieves, smugglers etc. do not desire to have the result or fruits of their wrong deeds in the form of punishment. On the contrary they expect themselves to be free from the results of their wrong deeds. But there is a mandatory provision in the law of Karma that every action has got reaction, every cause has got effect and every effort does result into destiny. If you sow, you must reap, and as you sow; so shall you reap and you cannot escape. Any good or bad action brings happiness or unhappiness and for enjoying this happiness or suffering unhappiness you must have a body as an instrument and for having a body you must compulsorily go into the womb of a mother. Thus you have to rotate in the cycle of birth and death. In this way each and every good or bad action (deed) is a bondage. At the same time you cannot do without doing any action in life, otherwise your normal life would be crippled, come to a standstill, stranded and even terminated as discussed (in para 22) above. In that case you do not find any hope to be free from the cycle of birth and death which is the ultimate goal of human life.

Now in order to avoid this critical contingency, and if you really and ardently desire to be free from the cycle of birth and death which is tremendously torturous and terribly troublesome, the only course open to you is to ceaselessly and selflessly go on doing your actions, deeds, job whatever destined to be done by you as a part of your duty allotted to you for this life by the grace of God for the sake of God, so that your inner soul and God would be pleased with your actions. You should not be crazy or hanker after or be mad to get the fruits of your actions, but whatever fruits God would kindly and lawfully give you for your actions in the form of destiny you should willingly accept them as God's grace and enjoy them or suffer them boldly without any hesitation.

This is called Nishkam Karma. All the creatures and creations of nature in the entire universe are doing this sort of Nishkam Karma without any selfish motive and with full devotion and service to the higher purpose of God. The sun is given the duty to give light. The rivers are doing the work of supplying water, the trees are giving you fruits and cows give you milk free of charge. The fish keep the water clean and the wind destroys pollution from the atmosphere. For all these various services they do not demand, like us, any pay, promotion, increment, dearness allowance, medical allowance, touring allowance, gratuity etc. nor do they enjoy any casual leave, earned leave, half-pay leave, medical leaveetc. and never go on strike. Every creature in the universe is supposed to be and bound to be active and sincere to the humanity at large in the realm of God.

Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Mohamad the Prophet, Swami Ramkrishna, Swami Vivekanand, Swami Ramtirth and so many such exalted souls and saints have ceaselessly striven during their entire life span for the service of the humanity only for the satisfaction of their inner soul and for God, without any selfish motive like amassing wealth, bungalows, cars.and such other worldly materialistic objects for their sense gratification. Those who have worked with the zeal of missionary spirit have never demanded any pay and those who are crazy and mad only after pay have never worked with missionary spirit in life and therefore they are coming in the clutches of the cycle of birth and death. Liberation from selfish desires and wants amounts to liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Saintly persons ceaselessly working for the service of the humanity at large selflessly for the satisfaction of their inner soul only and God, are considered to be liberated.

This is how you control your Kriyaman Karmas and do not allow them to be accumulated, matured and ripened as Prarabdha which is responsible for your subsequent birth or births.

Now let us examine how to control and exhaust our Prarabdha Karmas of the present life.