Theory of Karma - Chapter 32


All the Prarabdha Karmas which have been pre-destined for your present lifetime, you are bound to face them. You can neither escape from them, nor can you leave your present body as long as a single Prarabdha Karma remains in balance. Suppose someone, according to his pre-destined Prarabdha has been suffering from paralysis, completely bed-ridden even passing his urine and stool in the bed and barely able to cope with all the physical torture, even though he is craving for immediate relief through death, still he will not become free from his burdensome body unless one and all his Prarabdha Karmas are totally exhausted. His Prarabdha is the ripened and matured fruit of his own Kriyaman Karmas and they are not transferable to any one else. Whatever sins he has committed willingly while laughing he has to suffer them weeping. There is no other option. Even his parents, doctors, wife, children, relatives, friends etc. are also helpless in making him free from his Prarabdha.

However, there are certain factors which can help you to a certain extent in facing your Prarabdha if you know how to avail of their help.

These factors are :-

(1) Purushartha means efforts (Kriyaman Karmas) done in the present life;

(2) Stars, planets and demigods;

(3) Astrology (Jyotish);

(4) Chanting the name of God (Ram, Krishna etc.);

(5) God himself.