Theory of Karma - Chapter 34


The stars, planets and the demigods are the most pious and honest officers appointed for the implementation of the law of Karma. They are not at all corrupt as we imagine them to be. If you perform certain rituals to worship them, they would help you by making your inner will-power, forces and inclinations pious enough to face and endure your Prarabdha, but they cannot totally relieve you from your Prarabdha.

If you have committed a theft, the policeman will lock you up in jail under judicial orders. But if he happens to be your friend, relative or acquaintance or if you behave properly and respectfully with him, he would naturally give you all possible relief by supplying you some more cigarettes to smoke, or by offering you tea, coffee etc. as and when you desire. He would even make sure that you get sufficient food to eat, a good bedding to sleep on and all other such amenities within the limits of law just to make your jail period easier and more comfortable. But he cannot relieve you from jail till your destined period is over; or else he would be dismissed from his job.In the same way, these stars, planets and demigods are the representatives of God almighty, and if you worship them respectfully by observing and following certain prescribed rituals, they would infuse solace, courage, peace of mind and inner strength in you to endure the sufferings which are destined in your Prarabdha and give you all mental peace so that you do not feel mental torture or anguish while suffering your fate.

Hanumanji will not give you a son if it is not destined in your Prarabdha to get one in this life even if you try to bribe him by offering him sweets, fruits or flowers. He would only sympathise with you and perhaps cut a joke by saying that being a bachelor himself he has not got a single son in stock to spare one for you. You should be satisfied with whatever you get through your Prarabdha.