Theory of Karma - Chapter 35


Astrology (Jyotish Shastra) is a perfect science based on elaborate mathematics. It is a part of Vedas and it is known as UPAVEDA. From the exact position of the stars and planets at the time of a child's birth and from their subsequent movements during the life journey of the child right from his birth to death, an expert astrologer can foretell the predetermined ups and downs and many other episodes and incidents during the journey of his life.

Just as a man performing his journey on a highway road, the caution signs and boards posted on the roadside from which he can know in advance that, say, from milestone No. 45 to 52 the road is in a dilapidated condition and hence he should be careful enough to drive his car slowly or make use of the detour-diversion. The caution sign posts will not repair the broken road, but they do give you proper guidance and caution in driving your car carefully on risky paths. I n the same way an astrologer, by elaborate mathematical calculations of the movements of stars and planets, can foretell that during your age of 45 to 52 years there are predetermined certain odds and risks in your life journey so that you would do well to be cautious enough and to try to avoid or mitigate such odds and risks which would otherwise put you into greater hardships.

Jyoti means light. Just like a battery-torch in your hand throwing light on the road at a distance can help you to see the obstacles or pits in the way. Of course, the battery will not remove those obstacles or pits, but it gives you an insight to safeguard yourself against those obstacles by your utmost Purushartha. Astrology shows you the right direction in which you can make efforts (Purushartha).

Thus astrology cannot change your Prarabdha which is the pre-determined path in the journey of life, but it can give you proper caution and guidance how to carry on your life journey smoothly with least possible trouble while facing your Prarabdha with your utmost Purushartha in the right direction shown by astrology.

However, if the time of birth is not accurately noted to the nearest fraction of a second, or if there is a slightest mistake in calculations, it would amount to a difference of thousands of miles in the position and movements of stars and planets and then the resultant predictions would be wrong. That is why even though astrology is a perfect mathematical science, the commercialized astrologers are almost always found to be bluffing.