Theory of Karma - Chapter 36


It is said in the most unequivocal terms in all the religious scriptures that chanting the name of God (RAMA, KRISHNA, JESUS etc.) only once can definitely abolish all your sins of millions and billions of births, and it is absolutely correct also. But if you once chant the name of God (RAMA, KRISHNA etc.) and thereafter do any sinful action or deed, those sins which are abolished by chanting RAMNAM will all again automatically come back and totally fall upon you.

As for example, in a very dark room if you switch on a fluorescent tube light only once, it will absolutely abolish all the darkness which was there since time immemorial and will fully enlighten the whole room. But immediately thereafter if you switch off the light instantaneously all the darkness dispelled will again come back in toto.

If you take a bath only once, your body will be totally clean, but thereafter if you again fall in the dirty mud, your taking the bath will all go totally in vain.

While chanting the name of God (RAMA etc.) how can you do any sinful deed, and while doing any sinful deed how can you chant the name of God? Both these actions cannot be done at the same time. And if you go on chanting the name of God and simultaneously continue doing sinful and immoral deeds also, it will annount to nothing but hypocrisy which is again a very serious sin. That is why even though we find people chanting the name of God, they are also speaking lies a number of times in a day or practicing dishonesty, cheating, black marketing, smuggling, corruption, adulteration, debauchery or similar misdeeds in their daily life. In such cases chanting the name of God would not at all help them in facing their Prarabdha despite the fact that 'RAMNAMJAP' - chanting god's name is undeniably powerful enough to completely abolish at one stroke all your sins in Prarabdha and make you free from the greatest 'disease of birth and death' known as BHAVROG. Only chanting the name of god by mouth and simultaneously doing sinful and immoral deeds by hands will amount to hypocrisy which will again be a very grave sin to be added in your Prarabdha.