Theory of Karma - Chapter 39

So far, in all the previous paragraphs, we have discussed at length, how to control Kriyaman Karmas by Karmayoga and also how to exhaust all the Prarabdha Karmas by Bhakti Yoga during this lifetime.

Now let us discuss how to finish with all the Sanchit Karmas before we leave our present body so that there would then remain not a single Karma in balance in any one of these three categories at the end of this life binding us to take any new birth henceforth and thereby finally we become free completely from the cycle of birth and death which is the final target and the ultimate goal of human life.

The Kriyaman Karmas performed by you during your past millions and billions of births which are still not ripened and matured and have also not become ready to give you fruits up-till now till to-day are all Iying accumulated in countless numbers as Sanchit Karmas. These Karmas (actions-deeds) are already committed and hence now it is beyond your control to make them undone. Once the gun is fired and the bullets shoot out, they can never return back again in the gun and unless these bullets hit somewhere at some time, they will not stop, cease and subside. Same is the case with these Sanchit Karmas. You do not know them at all and it is beyond
human imagination to know how many they are and when and in which subsequent birth or births they will be ripe and be matured and come in front of you in the form of Prarabdha.
You are completely in the dark so far as the Sanchit Karmas are concerned and even if they are ripened and matured all at a time and come in front of you face to face in the form of Prarabdha it is absolutely impossible for you to exhaust them not only during the span of one lifetime but even after taking millions and billions of births to come. This is an extremely disastrous and equally pitiable plight (see para 8 also).

The only course, therefore, prescribed and open for you to annihilate this cumbersome and hopeless position is to put fire to these lofty mountainful heaps of Sanchit Karmas by Jnanagni (fire of knowledge) which would burn them all to ashes instantaneously.