Theory of Karma - Chapter 4


However, in this world, even with a cursory observation around us, we find that so many wrong doers, black marketeers, corrupt and crooked persons, smugglers and similar other dangerous mischief mongers and dishonest persons are merrily enjoying all the amenities in life. They have at their command such indulgencies as a beautiful wife, big bungalows, modern cars, TVs and Videos, smooth sofa sets, comfortable beds and cots, delicious dishes and all other luxuries which modern science and technology can provide. They can easily afford to have sumptuous meals and drinks on costly dinner tables, beautiful bath rooms well equipped with showers and swimming pools, costly suits and shoes, big and fat bank balances, a retinue of servants and what not.

On the other hand, the religious minded pious persons who strive sincerely to stay on the path of fairness within the norms of legal, ethical and religious morality, cannot even make their two ends meet. They are found rotting in pathetic poverty, deprived of even the basic minimum requirements and bare necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter.

In such a state of affairs our faith in the justice and fairness of God is shaken to the core feeling that there is utter confusion, chaos and total travesty of justice in the realm of God and that the Law of Karma is arbitrary and anarchic. As a result ultimately we feel frustrated. This is only because we have not properly understood and minutely studied the Law of Karma. Otherwise we would definitely find that there is not even an iota of confusion, chaos or lop-sided justice in the realm of God.