Theory of Karma - Chapter 41

A newly born cub of a lion, whose mother died immediately after giving him birth, was reared and brought up amongst the herd of goats by a shepherd. Naturally, therefore, since his very birth the lion cub was all the while under the illusionary impression that he was a goat. From the very childhood he was walking like goats, speaking like goats, eating, drinking and doing all his activities and gestures absolutely exactly like goats as all throughout his life he remained and lived and behaved like goats. The illusionary impression and idea that he was only and perfectly a goat and nothing else but a goat was so strongly inculcated in his mind that there was no question of his thinking even for a while that he was a lion by birth. Mentally he was completely a goat.

One fine morning, when this lion cub was moving about with other goats in pasture land, a big lion came roaring behind them and thereupon being terribly frightened all the goats including this lion cub started running helter skelter and hither thither to save themselves from the clutches of big lion. The big lion was astoundingly surprised to see the lion cub running along with the other goats in fear. He, therefore, let free all the goats allowing them to run away and only chased and caught hold of that lion cub and asked him why he was afraid of him. The lion cub, while shivering, replied with fearful eyes that he was a goat and craved for mercy to let him free. The big lion's heart overflowed with sympathy and pity for the illusion and misconception in the mind of the lion cub and assured him that he was now totally safe in his hands. Then the big lion tried to convince the lion cub that he was his kith and kin possessing the same type of face, features and body of a lion by birth and never that of a goat. The big lion asked the lion cub to go along with him to a pond and showed him his reflection in the water which was completely resembling the face, features and form of a. Iion's body. Thus the lion cub was successfully convinced that he was a lion, nothing but a lion and not a goat. With this self-knowledge and realization the lion's cub immediately became free from all the illusion and instantaneously became a lion which even otherwise actually he was by birth. He had not to do any action for painting his body as of a lion or perform any rituals for converting his body as a lion from that of a goat, and no other action was necessary. Only realization and knowledge of his own original self was sufficient to make him a lion. Immediately he also roared like a lion which made him totally free from all the Sanchit fears of a goat which he was inculcating in his mind up-till then.

If you also, by the grace of God, happen to come in contact with a lion-like Sat Guru (a bonafide spiritual master), then only he can make you realise your own eternal immortal real self. Then only you can burn all your Sanchit Karmas in the fire of Self-Kriowledge (Jnanagni).

Just as all the wooden logs, whether dry or wet, long or short, round or rectangular, thick or thin or of any shape or size when put in the blazing fire, one and all of them would be consumed and turned to ashes - in the same way, all the interactions and reactions to the material activities - all the Sanchit Karmas whether of pious or impious activities, whether in the making or fructifying or already achieved of 'a priori' - one and all of them would be completely burnt to ashes in the fire of Knowledge (Self-Realization). The person so self-realized in his complete knowledge, becomes free from the cycle of birth and death which is the ultimate goal of having human body by the grace of God.

Awake, arise and stop not till the goal is reached.