Theory of Karma - Chapter 7


Generally, any action that you do at any time or moment in the present tense will give its fruit immediately and on the spot. It is called KRIYAMAN KARMA. Any action is bound to have reaction, any cause is bound to have its effect and any effort is bound to result into fixed destiny. This is the immutable law of Karma.

For example: (1) You drink water and at once your thirst is quenched, you got the fruit of your action of drinking and finished with it. (2) You ate and immediately your hunger is satisfied, you got the result of your action of eating and your action is exhausted and neutralised and the account is cleared. (3) You took your bath and your body is cleansed. You got the result of your action at once, the cause resulted into effect and the account of action is squared, your action became quiet and subsided and dissolved. (4) You inflicted verbal abuses on some one and he being thus provoked immediately gave you slaps on your face. The account of give and take is cleared and closed on the spot. The law of action and reaction, cause arid effect operated and ceased. All actions become quiet only by reactions. Every cause becomes quiet and subsided immediately only after its effect has been experienced.