Theory of Karma - Chapter 9

9. PRARABDHA KARMA (Destiny, fate, luck)

There are heaps and heaps of lofty mountainful of unripe Sanchit Karmas piled up amounting to billions and billions of millions i.e. innumerable Sanchit Karmas deposited
in balance at the credit of each and every person, earned and accumulated by him during his past innumerable births since time immemorial. They do not become ripe to give fruits all at a time in one birth. Only a very few of them, say about 10,000 Sanchit Karmas out of this whole tremendous stock become ripe and ready to give fruits during one lifetime. They are called Prarabdha Karmas (readily destined to give fruits commonly known as fate, luck, fortune, destiny etc.). Strictly according to these Prarabdha Karmas a person gets a particular type of body, parents, wife, children, wealth, caste, creed, race, sex, environment, etc. just appropriate to enjoy, suffer and exhaust his Prarabdha Karmas destined during his present lifetime.
He cannot leave his present body till he has fully enjoyed, suffered and exhausted all these Prarabdha Karmas during his present life even though he is totally bed-ridden or
suffering due to paralysis and other diseases.and desperately craving for freedom from his crippled body. But as soon as his Prarabdha Karmas destined to be enjoyed during his present lifetime are fully exhausted, he immediately becomes free from this body and again gets a new body to enjoy other new Prarabdha Karmas, say about 20,000 which have become ripe by that time to give him fruits. Unfortunately, while exhausting his predestined Prarabdha Karmas during one lifetime, he creates and accumulates many more new Karmas during the same lifetime which are again deposited in the stock of his previous Sanchit Karmas and this situation is repeated in every birth. Thus the vicious cycle goes on uninterruptedly increasing, instead of decreasing, the total balance of Sanchit Karmas at the end of each birth. The stock of Sanchit Karmas is increasing by leaps and bounds as the new accumulation is much more than the expenditure during each birth and there is no end to this process. Therefore, the cycle of birth and death goes on indefinitely and there does not appear to be any hope of chance for liberation of emancipation.

Recognising this, Shri Shankaracharya has humbly requested God as under:



Repeated births and repeated deaths And repeatedly sleeping in the womb of mother
This ocean of SANSARA is really difficult to cross OH GOD, kindly save me and help me to cross.